Friday, August 20, 2010

Easy to clean messes

The other day KayLynn wanted to play outside, but I had dishes to wash and dinner to make, so I made a sand box in the kitchen.
I put all the sesame seeds that were left over from the wedding (yes, 3 years ago) and put them in a bowl, with slatted spoons, bowls, and cups for her to play with.
These crafts were really fun, but I did learn something from all the messes. KayLynn will be receiveing this washable, color on tablecloth as a gift - as soon as I can afford it. That way, I can just pick it up and dump the mess back where it goes - or throw it in the wash (with no soap, jsut cold water!). I used to have one when I was little and I remember it being very fun.


jbhinman said...

aquadoodle is the best!!

Leanne said...

I like to give the boys a dish of rice or beans, which works well too. Beans are easiest to clean up!