Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Day in the Lof of...Me!


4:22AM ~ I hear a loud cry from K's room. This is her scared cry, not her 'I just woke up in the middle of the night and don't want to put myself back to sleep' cry. I get up and go get her. The following conversation unsues...

K: Mommy? KayLynn and Mommy go cuddle in Mommy's room?

Me: Nope, its night time, and you have to sleep in your big girl bed.

K: Mommy cuddle in the rocking chair?

Me: Of course, thats what Mommy's are for (I actually do say this to her all the time - don't laugh at me).

K: And sing a song?

Me: Which one?

K: Christopher Robin? No, Winne the Pooh.

Me: OK, Close your eyes and relax.

She promptly falls back to sleep, and I go to bed praying that whatever awakened my darling daughter does not bother her again and she is able to sleep well, for as long as her little body needs it. I also take the time to thank the Lord that Max is sleeping well for the first night in weeks.

6:00 ~ Max's alarm goes off and he puts his arm around me to talk with me about the day. This is unusual for three reasons. First, I am sleeping in, second, KayLynn is not yet awake for the day and third, Max is NOT a morning person. Perhaps the fact that we went to bed at 8:45PM the prior evening helps!

6:10 ~ Out of bed to get ready. While I am puttering around getting my work clothes on and hair somewhat fixed a little bit of makeup on, I also pick up the house and get ready for K's day with Rosie. KayLynn is still asleep which is unusual.

6:40 ~ Rosie arrives, I tell her what's for lunch and that K is still asleep and I leave. I get gas on my way to work.

6:55 ~ I start the coffee maker and eat my eggs while I turn on my computer and get ready to work.

8:30 ~ Second cup of coffee

12:00PM ~ I eat lunch.  Nothing much, but I work through my lunch because there is so much to do.

3:30 ~ Turn off computer, straighten work desk and leave work.

3:45 ~ Arrive home to see K and Rosie playing. KayLynn is perfectly happy and loves playing with Rosie - in fact she seems a little bummed that I am home at all!!
3:50 ~ I drive Rosie home, the whole way KayLynn narrates what we are seeing out the window, "A red car!" "A puppy!" "Where's Rosie's car?" "There's Rosie's house!"
4:10 ~ Home again. Max is home also, and he has K so that I can work for a few hours.

6:00 ~ Once I am finished with work, I start dinner.  We had tacos.

7:00 ~ KayLynn gets cleaned up and ready for bed!

7:15 ~ Max and I talk over the day and what we need to do for the upcoming day.

8:00 ~ I turn on a movie on my laptop and go to bed watching it, knowing that when Max comes to bed he will turn it off!

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