Thursday, August 5, 2010

Please Pray

Yesterday was KayLynn's 2 year appointment - yes don't remind me how late it was... She is perfectly average in height (50%), weight (45%) and head circumfance (50%). Her red blood cells are way beyond great - which the doc was happy about. Last time he was concerned about Vitamin D definciency, but it seems the soy milk has fixed that problem.

The one thing of concern is that she has a somewhat high level of lead in her blood. She is not sick (she has no symptoms or anything). KayLynn is only at a 4.8, 5 being where they notify the state and 10 being where they worry about sever health problems. So, that is good news.

As for now we are tasked with figuring out what in our home is poisened and fixing it. I have already contacted the US Environmental Protection Agency, and we have to contact the Department of Health and the City of Tacoma. We then need to find someone who checks lead levels, and then fix whatever is the problem(s). It looks like there are grants that may help pay for some of the fixes that will need to be made, so I am looking into those.

We are so thankful that the Lord gave us this indicator and that now we will be able to fix the problem before KayLynn gets sick. Please pray for us as we figure how to handle this situation, and for peace of mind.

2 comments: said...

Praying. Maybe you and Max should have your levels checked too? If they are fine, it could help you narrow down what's going on with K.

Kjerste said...

Yikes! So thankful you caught the problem. Keep us posted.