Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What do you think?

Where was your first date?

Max first asked me out in the Kvale's driveway. He asked me to go to a play with him. We went to see One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest way up north - I don't remember exactly where. It was a private production and Max knew one of the actors. On our way home I-5 was blocked off and we ended up getting lost. It was 2AM when I got home. Now I was 20 years old, but I lived with my parents and I didn't stay out late usually! James still to this day does not believe that the road was closed. However, James needn't have worried, by the end of that drive with Max we were both so tired and sick of each other that there was no hanky-panky!!

What about you?

3 comments: said...

Ha! Just what is your definition of hanky panky?

Leanne said...

Our relationship grew to be more than just a little friendship in the Kvale's basement (Kjerste's apartment), but our first date was somewhat unnitentional-I think. Let me explain. Jason planned a group movie night at his place, at a time when all our prior times together had been in group settings. As it turned out no one else showed up. We were both fine with this. At the end of the night Jason asked me out, on his front steps. It was on March 13th, actually. Most of our first dates were actually to plays, but I cannot remember which was first....I do have all the programs in a memory box.

sharika roland said...

Jim asked me out over and over again and even called me at work a couple of times. I said no no no. then he asked me out again and we went to seattle and he bought me a hot dog. We drove all the way to seattle and I got a hot dog on white bread. I thought well he sure isn't trying to impress me and that impressed me.