Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What do you think?

OK, how do handle very kind offers that are out of the question? Let me explain.

Yesterday my neighbor's daughter (Samantha) came over our fence (lifted by her father to Max) to play with KayLynn. That was fine with me. However when she tried to share her drink with KayLynn, I got a little protective (after all what do I really know about these people?). I got KayLynn her own drink - no problem. When Samantha went back over the fence her mother invited KayLynn over to play sometime. My reaction? "No stinkin' way" I don't mind Samantha coming over, but I don't know those people. i am not sending my daughter over there without me. They seem like nice enough people, but those who knew Ted Bundy thought he was a nice enough guy too! Am I crazy?

The second thing that happened was a few days ago. A lady overheard me talking to Max about my being overwhelmed with trying to find babysitters for KayLynn. When Max went to the bathroom, she apologised for overhearing us, but she thought she could help. She was an army wife and seemed fairly nice, and she babysits in her home. She offered to give me references and her number if I was interested. I explained to her that, though I was very thankful for her offer, I am crazy protective when it comes to who babysits my daughter, and though I am sure she is a very nice woman - I mostly depend on family and close friends.

Am I crazy? how do you handle offers that were meant to be kind - but totally unacceptable?


jbhinman said...

The neighbor I would tell her that since you work and don't get to see Kaylynn as much as you would like that you would prefer to go with her to play at their house so you can spend as much time with her as possible. As for the grocery store woman your reaction was perfect. said...

I concur! Good advice, Brenda!

sharika roland said...

I would get to know that lady next door. I have good friends over there and I would not have met them unless I put myself out there. It is fantastic she has a little girl next door to play with. hand out with her mommy and you will have a much more enriched life living there.
I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to love my neighbors when we lived there. I think Christians get too protective and then they are not able to share what they have, namely Christ.

Deenie said...

I am with Shari- get to know your neighbors. I have known several people who were befriended by Christian neighbors who actually became good friends and led them to Christ. 2 Moms and 2 kids - great combo. Offer to bring over some lemonade and cookies and visit while the girls play or invite mom and daughter over to play and talk - you might be a blessing to her

Julie said...

You are not being over-protective; you are being protective, and that is one of a parent's main jobs, especially when our kids are young and defenseless. Even if you get to know your neighbors, you still may decide you don't want Kaylynn to play over there without you. No matter how nicely you frame things, sometimes people are going to be offended, or even angry at your parenting decisions. But more important than those reactions is that you and Max are prayerfully doing your best to make the decisions you think are best for Kaylynn. You're doing great, Tina!