Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Munchkin

My darling girl,

Today you are two. I could never have imagined such a perfect little addition to our family. You are my faithful companion, and your daddy's little treasure.

Having you is like holding my heart outside of my body. Watching you grow and learn is such a joy to me. And although it is a little bit heartbreaking, I love seeing those baby-things be put away for you to grow. You have grown so much this year, that it is hard to give a full-accounting. In short, you are a big girl.

My heart breaks a little bit each time you learn the right way to do or say something. Uncle Michael is no longer called "Minol" and you can now use the correct name for Cooper! Right now I am holding onto Piggy Pork (what you call Porky Pig) and Applesoft. The little glimpses that maybe you will be my baby girl for just a little bit longer.

You are such a girly~girl, and why the Lord decided to give you to me is beyond my understanding. You may not know this little one, but your Momma is not a girly~girl. But you are teaching me, and slowly bringing me around to your way of doing things. You often come and ask to paint your nails, and you don't enjoy it nearly as much when I don't join you and do my own. You love to watch me put on my makeup and especially like having your own to play with while we chat. You love all things jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, rings... The other day you even asked me where your earrings were!!

You were potty trained at 22 months, but that was hard for you (not the potty part - that part you do well). It seems that my 10 days off with you, made you miss what could be. But don't worry. Daddy and I are working on it, and hopefully before too long, I will be home with you. I am so excited I almost don't believe that it might happen soon.

You are such a love, and so many people adore you. You really are blessed little one. I am so thankful for the women in your life who have committed to helping your daddy and I raise you. You would not be who you are if not for them. They will teach you things that I cannot. You will learn more about the beauty of God's world because of those women and I would not change their influence in your life.

I pray that the Lord is even now teaching you of Him. We pray with and for you every night that the Lord would do His work through us and in you.

I love you my little munchkin and I am so thankful to the Lord for seeing fit to make me your Momma.

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