Friday, July 24, 2009

When did you first realize you were an adult?

I first realized that I am an adult when I had a daughter. Up to that time I thought that I was too young to be an adult. Getting married just opened up a new and exciting world in which I was excited to figure everything out, but not really an adult yet. The minute that I looked at my daughter in the hospital, held her tiny hands and kissed her little face, I became an adult. The realization that I was in charge of another human being, who had grown inside of me, grew me. So now, for better or worse, I am an adult.

When did you realize that you were finally an adult?


jbhinman said...

What..I'm an adult?

Leanne said...

For me, having kids was simply an excuse to still roll around on the floor and act crazy.
Not sure that makes me an adult, but when little children call me Mrs. Van Gilder, I still am surprised. After almost five years of marriage, I am still not used to being a Mrs.

Kjerste said...

Not sure I'm there yet. I married a guy who still collects action figures. Maybe when he quits I'll feel like a grownup.