Thursday, July 30, 2009

One step at a time...or two!

Last night KayLynn stood up in her play pin (where she has been sleeping in our room enjoying the airconditioner) and walked to the edge (holding on to nothing) and held her hands up to be held. Max and I were holding our breaths while watching her! This is the first time that she hasn't had to be tricked into walking! So just wait I am sure in a few minutes, I will be telling you all that she is running.

Sorry for the lack of pictures...I will upload some soon.


sarah said...

Jack did that yesterday too. He walked to my mom taking two steps. Joey learned how to walk more independantly using a yoga ball. I think I need to get it out for Jack.

Christina LeFebvre said...

Man this Christmas and Thanksgiving are going to be crazy busy with all the kids now mobil - and another baby on the floor (I mean Erika's)!! It is so fun to see how close they are, and yet I am sad to think that she could start today with Tam!!