Thursday, July 23, 2009

My bucket list...

I think there is everything right with having a list of dreams for your life. I love lists. Everyday I make lists and there is something so triumphant about crossing things off. So, I have decided to create my bucket list. 100 things that I want to do before I die. Here are my first 26, what would your bucket list look like?

1) Be the best wife I can possibly be
2) Be the best mother I can possibly be
3) Teach my child (children someday) to Love the Lord
4) Work to become a stay at home mom
5) Go to a wine tasting with Max
6) Visit Times Square
7) Own a hot tub
8) Finish remodeling/redecorating our home
9) Move into our “dream home”
10) Work from home taking photos of babies
11) Get my first paying photography job
12) Participate in a jury
13) Have dinner at The Herbfarm
14) Take a hot air balloon ride
15) Go on a zip line
16) See the Eiffel tower
17) Take a family vacation once a year
18) Go away with Max once a year without any sidekicks
19) Travel
20) Visit Hawaii since everyone else has!
21) Have another child (or two)
22) Exercise 3 times a week
23) Hold Max’s hand more
24) Make one night a week devoted strictly to family
25) Take dancing lessons with Max
26) Finish my bachelor’s degree

I really will give an update on our lives (anniversary, birthday) soon, I promise Brenda!


Kjerste said...

Love your list! We have a joint bucket list we've been working on for a couple of years. Numbers 5, 6, and 7 are strait off of it. We'd love to do a train trip down to California wine country, stopping at wineries all along the way. And we've always said that someday we'd be in Time Square for New Years, but I think we're getting to old for that. The hot tub is probably the most realistic at this point, and that is still probably 5-10 years out at this rate! :)

Diana said...

I think I am old enough to start a REAL bucket list