Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A family who saves together...

Everyone is frustrated with our economy and everywhere you go, you see tips on how to save. Also bloggers are giving examples of their Family Frugality, so I thought I would jump on board. SO here are some of the things that we do to make ends meet.

1. We do not have cable (or any tv for that matter).
2. We do not have a home-phone.
3. We have the cheapest possible (lowest minutes possible) phone plan for a family with Tmobile.
4. Yard Sale - we are selling old stuff before we buy new stuff!
5. We shop less at Costco than we used to, and that is saving us money since we were spending more than we needed because it was cheaper!
6. We sell our clothes to “Once upon a child” and use that money to get things that we need for KayLynn.
7. Hand-me-downs!!
8. We save up loads of laundry and don't do half loads anymore. We also do the lower water wash, which has saved us a substantial amount on our water bill - oh and we stopped showering! :) Just kidding.
9. We only turn our window air-conditioner on in the evening.
10. And the hardest is that we have 1 vehicle. I am not recommending this to everyone, but for those who say its impossible for their family – it’s never impossible, its just a lot harder. We have two full-time jobs and three different babysitters and we do it!! Let me tell you it is hard and sometimes we don’t get to go everywhere and do everything, but it saves us gas, insurance and repairs – not to mention we spend more time together since we drive each other everywhere!

**And may I just mention, my husband does all of the money stuff in our home. He is completely in control. I get what I need when I need it and he always makes sure I have the money, as well as savings and paying our house off. I just recently came to the realization of how lucky I am that I never have to worry about it. I am so thankful to him, and greatful that he takes such good care of KayLynn and I.


Kjerste said...

Amen to not having to deal with the numbers side of things! I like doing my part to try to save, but not having to worry about the technical details!

We skip the cable, and have cut costco waaaay back. But we did recently add a home line, because we found that internet in Puyallup is cheaper bundled that way when you don't have cable.

Thanks for sharing your tips!

Diana said...

The savings can really add up when you do several things - good going - and feel free to use the pool anytime in this weather