Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Amazing Technology

I just realised that my pictures upload to an album online that I can print/download. When I found this album - purely be accident, there were pictures in it from long before I was married. And, actually, some of them turned out pretty good!

OK this is not the best photo, but sometimes after I take Max to work on Sundays after church KayLynn and I go to the mall and play on the toys.
We took "daddy" out to lunch at the taco truck - 2 tacos for $1. KayLynn drove.
KayLynn and Tristan playing the nursery.
The last time that Max and I had a date - we went to the barley wine festival in Tacoma and then walked around. We had a really good time, bu the doesn't look too happy in this photo though!


sarah said...

really cute picture of kaylynn driving!

Haley said...

KayLynn looks so cute at the steering wheel :)