Thursday, July 23, 2009


For KayLynn's First birthday we went to the Lavendar Festival in Sequim. We enjoyed our time and all got sunburns.
The fields were absolutely amazing.
What famous chapel ceiling does this remind you of?

Saturday July 18th Max had the competition - the first event was the tire flip, Max had to flip a tire that was 775lbs!!
He did a great job, and I was so proud of him. These weighed 263ibs.

KayLynn had two birthday parties. The first was with my mom and grandmother and it was princess theme.

Her Second was with everyone. We had a good time, although dinner was a little later than originally expected!

Her favorite toy? The bag that Aunty Nancy's gift came in!

I cannot believe that KayLynn is one year. She is getting so big and changing in so many ways. I love watching her little personality develope. She loves to chat with anyone who will listen, "Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi" you get the picture. She is just so cheerful and such a happy girl. I feel so blessed that the Lord gave me this little one to watch over.

Max and I also did get an evening to celebrate our anniversary. It has been two years. I love Max more now than the day we were married and I love getting to know him more each day. It is so funny how fulfilled I can be just making his lunch and picking up the house before he gets home in the evening. He is so patient, and loving towards me. Sometimes I look at the kind of things I make him deal with and I wonder why he picked me.
I mean who could not love this man, he is the sexiest man on earth.


sarah said...

love the picture of her in the bag-soo adorable! the party was so fun, joey keeps talking about the little pool.

Haley said...

I love the pictures, and your new background for the blog. It's so cute!

jbhinman said...

Great pictures!! Thanks for posting!!

Sara said...

Your daughter is absolutely adorable! Enjoy her!

Diana said...

Sorry we missed the party - but the pictures are great

Max said...

I never picked you dear. God set fires in all the hearts of all women and only yours keeps me warm. He, by giving you to me, picked me to be the envy of mankind.