Thursday, June 25, 2009

It takes a village

Here I sit at work (I know, I should be working, not blogging)... But I decided to do a "Thankful Thursday" I am thankful for so many things that I may miss some, but here I go...

1. An amazing husband. Max and I are coming up on being married two years, which is small to many of your 4/5/6/8 years! However, I enjoy him so much and I would rather be at home with him than at an amazing party with anyone else.

2. My cheeful little girl. When I had to get KayLynn up in the middle of the night (to pick up Max when he locked his key in the car) she woke up and just sat in her car seat, talking and coohing! Thankfully not the usually talking(screaming!). I love being a mother to her, both the challenges and the exciting times.

3. People like Leanne who watch my daughter when a babysitter falls through (and she is only five minutes away!).

4. My house. I know it is not amazing, but it is mine. I was actaully jealous a little while ago of someone who had a brandnew home with everything done. But after I went and bought my new rug, I remembered that I love my house. I love that we do every little thing - and thats what makes it ours, and HOME.

5. My job. Though I wish I were home with KayLynn; I am thankful that when we need it, the Lord has provided a job. There are many homes which are not blessed in this way. Especially now in this "economic crisis". So I am thankful that while we need, I can work.

6. Aunt Tam's car for two weeks. We got to be a two car family, and that was so nice and made many things easier.

7. My old, used van. Though having two cars was nice, we see eachother so much more when we have to go places together, drive eachother to work, etc. Not to mention, my van is sooo comfortable. I love it, I hope it never dies.

8. Brenda. I love getting to talk to my cousin Brenda. We understand eachother. Usually the conversation ends ubruptly when one of the other of us has heard crying, or thumps, or dinner burning, but I love talking to her anyway. She helps me keep my feet on the ground.

9. Kaeley. The easiest way to explain why I love Kaeley is that she is easy. Not to say that we don't talk about hard stuff, or sometimes disagree. However, even when that happens, I always love her. She is so real and down to earth. I never feel tired or overwhelemed when I am around her.

**Last but not least...
10. The Lord. I am so thankful to be lvoed to unconditionally by Him. I mess up, and sometimes a lot, but I always have Him to run to. When I am overwhelmed I can run to him.

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Hinman said...

Tina.. I love you too!! I really wish we could talk and spend more time together but the times we do get I cherish!!! Love you lots!