Wednesday, June 17, 2009


OK for all of you who have somehow figured this amazing feature out - please tell me, how do you upload a video? The only way I know how is to do it through smilebox, and that is not a short task. Can you please help?


Leanne said...

I was trying the very thing yesterday, but to no avail yet. I need help too!!!

sarah said...

Hey Tina,
Are you using the little movie reel icon right next to the picture one in the publish post window?

Christina LeFebvre said...

Yeah, I push the movie reel icon, then I browse and pick the movie from my camera, and it acts like it is loading. However, all that comes up is a a picture (the first still shot in the movie). Do I have the wrong format or something? My movies from my camer are .mvi?!?