Tuesday, June 16, 2009

11 months old...tomorrow...

Our "little" munchkin is now a whopping 27 inches long, can you even believe it?

Chatty Kathy...I mean KayLynn

Our little munchkin is a very talkative little girl. Among the words that we can recognise are... "Hi" (With a very excited tone, and especially when you open the phone), "Wow" and "Wee" (always said with her hands up in the air). And yesterday when I called Max she said "Hi, Dadda".

KayLynn is also vastly amused by books. Her favorite right now is her little bible. She opens it, flips the pages and talks to it. Yes, I mean "talks to it". I know she is talking to the people in it, because she will often pick up the book and kiss the pictures too!!

My step-mom got KayLynn doll that laughs, and when you hand it to KayLynn she says, "Hi", and then grabs it and holds it to her with such love! Isn't funny how girls are hard-wired. I say hard-wired becuase she has done the same thing to trucks!

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Alicia said...

look at that tummy! I like how she's holding on to the window sill like a big girl. So cute!