Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy First Birthday KayLynn

My dearest sweet baby girl,

It was almost a year ago today when you breathed your first breath in this world. Twelve months since the first time I held you, the first time I heard you cry, the first time your father knew what it was to be “daddy”. I don’t know if you can find two prouder parents, or two parents more in love with their child. Having you taught us what it was to be a family and what it meant to really love.

It is amazing to me that it has been a year. To me you are my little baby, the child I carried with me for nine and a half months. I am amazed at how much you have learned in these months; first to hold your head and to sit up and then to crawl and “read” your books. I remember listening as your babbling became words like “Mama” and “Dada”, and then venturing to new words like “Hi” and “Wow”.

You are so independent right now, that I sometimes long for the days when you wanted to be held, but I am looking forward to you walking and running, asking me “why” and telling me your little childish antics. I am eager to tell you of the Lord and to have you love Him more and more as you grow.

Because grow up you must.

I know that we will find joy and happiness in this journey. But I will, cherish these fleeting baby moments with you, my little munchkin. I know too well, how precious and infancy is. Since I cannot keep you little forever, I will make the deepest memories that I can, now while you are little.

And when you are grown I will look back on these cherished moments and remember what joy you brought to your father and I in your infancy.

With all my love, Momma

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