Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Something for everyone...or everything for me?!?

Our weekend was filled with bouncing, put putting, owies, drama like only a 2 year old can manage, cleaning, laundry, cooking, friends, good food, dancing, laughter, tears...pretty much everything.

After our Saturday morning rituals of working out and getting ready (and having an early nap) were finished we headed to the supermall to go put putting...

 and to the bouncy room!!

 And the arcade which had this 'school bus' for k to ride!
 Sunday after church and consoling KayLynn about no Sunday school because of her cold, we settled down for a nice nap (for all of us) and then Grandpa Mark and Grandma Kandy came over for dinner - KayLynn got to help!
 KayLynn also got a nice valentines day present from them... matching dresses for her and her doll

KayLynn loved them.  So much so that I had to beg them off of her for night time and this morning I had to tell her that she could not change into it until after her bath.

Monday we had kinda a low-key day as KayLynn had injured her foot ( a little scrape) and refused to walk on it because she claimed she couldn't!  In the evening I was able to put a sock on it and she forgot about it a little and had to show me 'how her foot walked now'!

So, there is our adventurous weekend, hope you all had fun as well.

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Leanne said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! Where is that bouncy room at?