Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What do you think Wednesday - on Thursday!

ooops I forgot what day it is, here we go...

There is so much controversy over being a housewife and mother. There are those who believe that there is no Biblical reason that a mother should work outside the home, and if you do its because your priorities are not correct. I am not going to ask you whether or not you think I should be working. Mostly because I don't think any of you would actually tell me that you think I am sinning by working - even if that's what you believe. That said, I want to let you know that Max and I are working hard so that soon I will be home, taking care of KayLynn(maybe more), our home and my husband. We are making some major progress in that direction and our original goal (to be home by the time she was 5) is being shortened with each goal we reach and now we are hoping that I will be home by the time KayLynn is 3 (Summer 2011). So, please keep praying.

On to the subject at hand...

Do you do things in the home that help ends meet financially? Do you have ideas of things that mothers could do in the home to make money to help support their families? I strongly believe that the Proverbs 31 woman teaches us that we are to be industrious and provide for the home.

I can't wait to hear your ideas.


Haley said...

Teaching music lessons (violin, flute, piano, whatever) is a good way to make money in the home. So is being a best-selling novelist, but unless you were best-selling it wouldn't make much money (maybe that's obvious.) Another thing that one could do would be to teach a class (i.e- spanish) in your home, if you could find some kids, most likely homeschooled, who wanted to find a class. That's all I can think of off the top of my head... except for babysitting.

Haley said...

OOps, I forgot to say what I do. I'm hoping to give violin lessons this summer and next school year. I'm also writing, although not for the money (because I doubt I'll make much) but just for fun. I also clean someone's house for her, but that's outside of the home.

jbhinman said...

I work one day a week and teach summer school.

sharika roland said...

You can be my assistant and sell my cards online to stores and people.

Alicia said...

I have a one day a week nursery gig that allows me to bring Jeremiah. It's not much, but it is a little spending money. We also started a small business a few years back to write/design prayer letters for missionaries. It also brought in a little spending money.

That being said, I have found it almost impossible for me to work in the home and take care of the house/child(ren)/etc. I always said I'd be a lousy home-schooler because I really have a hard time motivating myself to work in the home. The same was even more true when I worked from home as a secretary.

But that doesn't mean that we can't still contribute. I'm terrible at clipping coupons and doing those double dollar day specials, but some women really get into it. But I find other ways to save, mainly in the stores I shop at or the things I chose to improvise or live without. Having more time at home means being more purposeful with our meals, our shopping, etc.

But, if you are looking for cash, there's always someone out there who needs a few day a week nanny, or someone to do data entry. Put your name out there. And, maybe this is bad, but we always see the income I make as extra, or savings. We don't depend on it, but having it is really really helpful.

Oh, and if you do become a one-income family, look into state-assisted programs like WIC, or health insurance. They are super super helpful!

sarah said...

For me working from the home has been part hobby and part "cash." I love to create and be creative and there is a part of me that honestly "needs" it-other wise I get cranky-just ask joe. So flipping furniture and sewing for others has done both for us. We don't add the money into the budget so we use it for "extras." I am the type of personality that likes to be busy and keep my hands and time occupied-I find that by doing things I am a better mommy.
I also believe strongly that being a good steward of the "job" in the house I have been given is my duty so I try to save money on groceries, meal plan and try to never pay full price. It is hard, but honestly I love it! When the boys go to school I will probably return to teaching, but who knows!

Tina said...

Thanks for all the great ideas!! I am actually not looking for ways for me to make money from home - I was more wondering how YOU do it. I actually have two 'at home' jobs (that will allow me to be with KayLynn at home) for when I can stay home. We will probably be jsut like you guys though and what I make will be for extras!!! Thanks for sharing - it is nice to hear from so many.

Kjerste said...

I'm not a huge coupon clipper either, but I do a lot of price comparison on-line, and actually have found that more often than not, it's cheaper to order and have things delivered right to my door.

I also recently switched to using our spit rags(diapers) to cloth diaper Kenji while we're at home. We spend so much time here, that there's no reason not to. I didn't buy into some fancy cloth diaper system - - just using exactly what I had on hand-- and it it is really saving money. Helps me justify my knitting habit!

sharika roland said...

WEll your idea for photographing kids is a good one. Its just that you are so capable I want to make you a ceo of a major company.
That is what being a mom is anyway.
You are an amazing mom, everybody says so.

Diana said...

Sarah got me hooked on couponing and doing the rite aid and walgreen deals - I started in Nov and seriously I have NOT paid Yfor soap, shampoo, toothpaste, shaving items since Dec and have a huge stockpile. I have also shaved my food costs using coupons by over 150 each month - which is very substantial!!

Diana said...

So here is just what I have in my cupbpards that I got free (without counting what we have used) since Nov (all these are full sized and not the cheapest brands)
21 shampoos and conditioners
25 body wash
12 bars soap
2 deoderants
8 razors (not disposible)
6 large lotions
4 baby bubble bath or baby body wash (I use for part of shower gifts)
5 face wash (tube or lotion)
5 toothpaste
12 toothbrushes
5 Purex midsize laundry soap
6 Purex soap and softener sheet boxes
8 clorox or lysol wipes
10 dishsoap (at kit sink)
7 ind soap pumps (for bath sink)
Then I have oodles of sample size that i have gotten free that we can use for traveling or giving to the women's shelter here in town
20 babywash and baby lotion
4 toothpaste
28 bodywash
19 body lotion
6 deoderant
12 perfume samples

In the food dept I am amazed at how cheap you can get some things - for example boxed cereal is always less than a dollar, many canned vegs are 50 cents etc.