Friday, March 26, 2010


~This morning my daughter asked me if we were going "bye bye" and when I responded "yes", she started naming babysitters..."Granny? Minol(Michael)? Mimi? Buddy? Daddy? Mia? Aunt Many(Mandy)?" and so on... Did you hear the dog's name in there?? Why yes you did!

~Yesterday morning I woke up to chucky my daughter staring at me in the face, with wide eyes, laughing. Psycho kid...

~Don't touch KayLynn's head - it will make you feel like you are abusive. If you even look like you are going to touch her hair, she grabs her head and says, "Ow".

~Since she has learned to say goodbye to the Krulish girls each afternoon by hugging them, she now says goodbye to Beider and the cats each morning by giving them hugs.

~Yesterday in the play area at the YMCA a mean kid dumped the kitchen over on KayLynn, 5 minutes after my workout started. 5 minutes. So I went and beat up the kid I had to leave because KayLynn was inconsolable.

~This weekend marks the first full weekend that my husband and I have ever had in our entire married life. Actually, I think I can safely say, ever. I am so excited.


sarah said...

Tina, I am sooooo excited for you to enjoy the weekend with your husband-ENJOY!!!! What fun!
Jack is the same way about his head-he either says, "hit" (must be from having a big brother) or he says "peaze, no"
so silly! I think it steams back from when he got syrup stuck in his curls:)

Erika said...

Hope this weekend brings you guys great refreshment! Have fun!

sharika roland said...

Oh Tina how wonderful for you three to spend two whole delicious days together,
Some weekend we all should head to soap lake for some fun and boating and swimming and playing and laughing. If I go too I can watch Kaylynn while you two get some alone time in the middle of the lake. Even Bieder can come

Diana said...

enjoy being with the loves of your life