Thursday, March 18, 2010

A new Babysitter and a Blessing

Well, as I told you all, the Krulishes will be watching KayLynn for us 2 days a week. This is such a blessing because KayLynn is learning how to play with other kids and all while being watched by a godly woman that I trust. From the looks of things, its going well. KayLynn loves "Buddy Bert" Wren and KayLynn just 'chillin...

Lilia likes to be KayLynn's "Mommy" and have KayLynn on her lap! Apparently KayLynn called Aria, "Mom" and Lilia was quick to remind her that she has a mommy, and its not Aria. So, Aria has been dubbed, "Mia"Praise the Lord for such a wonderful answer to prayer.

**This morning I woke KayLynn up to put on her coat and leave. She started to fuss (literally 2 seconds) and then opened her eyes, looked and me and said, "go bye bye?" and I said "Yes, we have to go to Mimi's". Her response? "Banana?" So, apparently waking early is not all bad! My resilient little girl surprises me. When we got in the car she just talked the whole way about seeing Mimi and Buddy(the dog). She is so sweet and cheerful - I could really learn a lesson from her.

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Leanne said...

Looks like KayLynn has fit right in! So cute.