Monday, March 22, 2010

What a day...

Just got back from the women's retreat (which was so great - I had a blast, and some much needed R&R), so I figured KayLynn and I could use some good play time. Yesterday, after I picked her up from Mia's (Aria), we went to the park in North Tacoma. We had a blast. We had to take about an hour break from our together time because I had to go to my spin class. However, afterwards we went home and had dinner and read together until bed time.

Sunday when I got home, we did not do a whole lot (that includes cleaning the house!). I was so thankful when I showed up at home yesterday afternoon and my house was clean. My M-I-L had stopped by to pick up the vacuum she loaned us, and while she was there cleaned the house. Actually I haven't confirmed it was her, maybe it was just the fairies!!

All-in-all a good day.

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