Monday, March 29, 2010

First Weekend Together

We had such a great weekend together. Saturday morning we all played on the bed together, "Where's KayLynn?" and then we went to the zoo! After the zoo we relaxed, watched movies, took cat naps, played with the baby, fought with the baby about taking a nap... Lately she has been testing who is in charge when there are more than one babysitter or parent present. Whenever there are two of us(at my house or theirs) she starts doing everything she knows she is supposed to do. So - we are spending time teaching her that, yes, she must obey everyone!Hhowever, that doesn't stop her from being adorable and sweet most of the time.
Feeding the goats at the zoo, with her palm up, just like granny taught her!
Here are some other zoo picture - not sure what happend with the formatting..

On Sunday we went to my parents for the afternoon. KayLynn took an almost three hour tour nap and we all ate pizza, pate and sausage - yes I know its weird.
All in all it was a great weekend. One of the greatest parts was knowing that we get to do it again, and again. I wan tto remind myself that these weekends are great, I don't want to get into a rut where I take it for granted that we have family time. hope your weekends were just as great.
Congrats Vangilders!!


Haley said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. :) I also love your blog's new format.


jbhinman said...

Cute pictures. So glad you had fun!!!

Leanne said...

So happy for you guys to be able to spend your weekends together, as a family. And, thank you. Just as you guys are adjusting to life at home together, for longer periods at one time, so we are getting used to life with three kiddos-an adventure for sure.

sarah said...

Yeah!!!! Soo happy for you!