Monday, December 21, 2009

KayLynn's second day as a twin...

But this time with two mommys!

Well, after sleeping off saturday we fell into Sunday. After church my sister, her husbnd Jayson, Kaeley, Mat and Tristan came over for lunch. What a crowd. The kids did pretty well playing with eachother and were very excited about the sugar cookies that they got (Thanks Mat). We had a fun lunch and then while the kids took their nap we relazed for about half an hour. Afterwards we played wii for a few hours.

Around 5:00 my dad and step-mom came by. They gave KayLynn her Christmas presents (which she very much enjoyed!) and we ate again. Unfortunatel Mat, Kaeley and Tristan could not stay for dinner, but we did get lots of time with them which was nice.

During this day I made 7 shortbread for a cookie exchange at work (I am a little sick of butter). I also made christmas shape sugar cookies - did you know that a sugar cookie dough doubles when you are not looking? I'm not kidding, I don't know how many dozens of cookies I made, but I still ended up throwing away dough!

I have tomorrow morning off, so if I am not sleeping in, I will share pictures from this weekend and maybe tonight's Christmas party...

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