Monday, December 21, 2009

KayLynn's day as a twin

Imagine yourself carrying two babies - one on each hip. You also have the diaper bag (full of both their things, as well as fancy clothes for the Christmas pictures) on one shoulder. Now imagine that both these "babies" are 25 pounds (or just over that) and should be walking, but they want to be carried because the other one is being carried.

Let me guess, your arms are falling off?? Saturday KayLynn and I got to have Tristan with us all day. They were so good playing together and chasing each other around the house. We had only two mishaps as far as my house is concerned (a broken ornament and an unwrapped gift!) and the rest of the day was easy - compared to watching to wild boars! We played at the house, went to Costco, went to the play area at the mall, and then went to get Tristan's Christmas pictures for his mommy.

Now I know that some of you are saying that you have two kids and you do it all the time - well let me say, no you don't!! You were smart. You had one child, and then however soon after, had another BABY and slowly got used to it. You did not (most of you anyway) suddenly give your child a twin. However, all went well and we were able to have a great day with great pictures to show for it!

That night I took lots of ibuprofin because two wiggly 25 pounders really do a number on ones back and legs. All I have to say - double stroller.

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Leanne said...

Next time, you can borrow our double stroller. It sure has been a life saver/arm saver, for us.