Monday, January 10, 2011

So much going on

Saturday was a busy day - I cannot believe how much I got done! 
We got some more of my organizing list done...K and I pulled everything out of the closet and
 my hope chest and put it onto the bed...KayLynn loved throwing linens around.
 The end products:
 I left the bottom open because K likes to play in there.
 And here are some things that I just don't know what to do with.  I am not a huge fan of place mats.  I have two cream (upper left), two stripped, four circle and once lace.  The lace (or maybe embroidery - I can't remember now) is from Japan, and though beautiful I don't know what to do with it.
 Here is all the stuff that came out and can't go back.  It is either going down tot the basement, to the goodwill, or to call-to-haul.  So glad that's done.
 After I was done with that K and I got ready (Max was working out with his strong-man friends like he does ever Saturday morning).  She was going to see Grandma K and then to see her buddies Wren and Lilia, while Max and I had a date afternoon. 

My daughter is so stinkin' cute!
 Then Max and I went to Seattle for what seemed like all day but ended up just being a few hours...  I fell in love with this baby cauliflower - so cute!

 Then we go the call that my nephew Mason was making his way into the world (not to be confused with my other sister Mandy's baby Jack who has yet to make his entrance).  He is adorable and we enjoyed getting to visit with Aunty Amy and cousin Mason.  We go to see them again Sunday morning and K got to hold Mason - pictures to come when my computer starts following orders.

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