Friday, January 14, 2011

For those of you praying

My sister Mandy has had another doctor appointment and they have set the date for her C-section for Monday January 24th at 12:15.  However, if she goes in to labor on her own they will help her deliver. 

Please pray for peace for her to understand whatever the Lord does and that all goes well.  Also pray that if it is His will, she will deliver herself!



sarah said...

Why would they do a c-section and not induce?
Does she know once you have a c-section in the state of WA you can't have a V-back??

Leanne said...

Praying for Mandie and baby Jack, and that if it is the Lord's will, that she would go into labor naturally before the 24th.

Julie said...

Re VBACs: I was interested in the comment above about VBACs, so I looked it up. From what I read, VBACS are legal in all 50 states. Not all Drs./hospitals will perform VBACs, but many do. I had a C-section with my last baby only 2 years ago, and my OB said I would be able to try for a VBAC if I were to have another baby.

sarah said...

-I hope you have better luck than I did Julie-I had emergency C-section with my first and my OB (who is amazing) tried to help me as well find a a doc-hospital match for my second so I could try to have a vbac-however we live in puyallup and I would have either had to drive to south seattle or gig harbor-so we scheduled a c-section, as it turned out that one ended up being emergency too-so God Knows!