Monday, January 3, 2011

Monthly Goals for 2011

After reading on A Bowl full of Lemons about her getting organized challenge, I have been inspired.  I have decided to give each month a theme (subject to change depending on family needs).  Then I will spend the month doing things around each theme. 

For instance:  January's theme is organization.  I wrote a list of 15 things in my home that need some serious organizing.  My goal is to have all of them done this month.  This is a better system for me since I sometimes have the desire (and time) to do more than one thing in a day, and sometimes I just need the day off!  So feel free to join me if you would like...

My 15 organizational tasks for January are:
1.    Bathroom Shelves
2.    Art Supplies
3.    Pots and Pans
4.    Bedroom Closet
5.    K's Clothes downstairs
6.    Corner Cabinet in the dining room
7.    Cabinet above the stove
8.    Pantry (if you can call it that)
9.    Linen Closet
10.  Hope Chest
11.  Jewelry Box
12.  Papers for Filing
13.  Kitchen Shelves
14.  Mud Room (or what I refer to as the Mud Room)
15.  Call to Haul!!!

Here are my tentative monthly themes...Some are a little obvious!  Let me know if you can think of anymore for my missing months..

January - organization
February - Romance (this was Max's idea)
March - Scrapbooking...
April - Learning to knit?
May - Painting
June - Flowers and Friends (Taking flowers to friends or Family)
July - Correspondence (writing real hand-written letters to friends)
August - Walks and Parks (try all new walks and parks each week)
September -
October - Sewing
November - Thanksgiving
December - Christ's Birth

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Deenie said...

I have a couple friends who dothe organizing together - spend a couple hours one week at each others home. 2 doing it often et it done faster

good fortune on getting it done