Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Little Conversationalist

The most common comment I get from people, after they ask KayLynn's age, is, "She is really a talker" or some form thereof.  And, yeah.  She is.  The girl talks a lot.  But I can't really blame her.  She came from me!  So, for your amusement (and my memory) I have listed some new KayLynnisms!

KayLynn asked me if I could help her do something and I told her I was too tired.  "Fine Mom, I will do it by myself"  and she said this, not in a snotty voice, but more of a revalation.

In the car on the way home:  "Mom is the moon going follow to us home?"  (Is the moon following us home?)

With her hands on each of my cheeks, "Mommy you are so cute."

When getting ready to help cook, "Mom, I'm gonna need my cookin chair!"

This morning when Rosie showed up, "Mom can you go to work now?"  So Max asked her if he had to go to work.  "Nope"  and then she clarified, "Cause I gonna stay with Rosie"

"Mom, wait to me"

The other day she didn't feel well so I went home to take her temp for Rosie.  She told me, "OK, now you gotta take Rosie home."

"Mom you gotta go to GEO (where we work), and I will come pick you up in my car"

Things that KayLynn has thanked God for in bedtime prayers in the last 2 weeks(except her family members - because that list would be too long to list):  her new pillow (a duck that Aunty Kristin got her); her bed, blankets (all of them, she clarified); mommy's robe; monkey; this (she says while pointing to something); the wall; all the pets from every home - by name.


Courtney Dey said...

love this post, and the new look on your blog! ; )

Haley said...

She is such a cutie. I love the new look for your blog!! It's beautiful.