Monday, November 22, 2010

What do you Think?

We have finished the majority of our Christmas shopping this year.  I love Christmas shopping for other people - so fun.  I love finding that perfect gift and then trying to keep my mouth shut about it!!  The only gift that we have yet to get is KayLynn's.  (Oh wait, and ours!) 

This has me wondering how you do it.  How do you decide what/how much to buy your children?  I understand teaching your children about the true meaning of the season - we do that...but we also buy gifts and now that KayLynn is at an age when she kinda gets it, I am wondering what you all do. 

I have read several articles today about this very thing, and mostly I am disgusted at how much people spend on their kids.  I also read this article, that I enjoyed.  I liked the simplicity of the idea to give your children gifts from the following categories: Need, Want, Read, Wear.

So, how do you do it?  And also how do you do it with more than one (same #, same $)?  Oh and if you could tell me your reasoning that would be wonderful as well.


jbhinman said...

we do one need and one want. plus a stocking.

Erika said...

We are really trying to cut back this year. Christmas is a big deal for our family, particularly on the Skriv side. Originally we weren't going to get Ez anything, since he will be getting plenty from everyone else, but then we decided to get him a little something. But not much. He is fitting into the same budget we have for getting gifts for everyone. There are so many wonderful things about Christmas that it seems over the top with SO mnay THINGS. I think we are going to try and focus on NON things, and more doing and actual celebrating, but it's still easy for us as little dude doesn't get it yet. ;)

LeFebvre Momma said...

Brenda - I like that idea as well.

Erika - we too thought the same about K (no gifts form us). But I changed our minds because there are a few little things that she needs - plus I do love an opportunity to spoil my girl. However, I do want to be wise and start with a plan that we can follow through the years (and most especially as we have more)!

sarah said...

We do the three gifts, one want, one need and one activity. We have done it the past two years and I love it! Joey has to think about his want. We a

sharika roland said...

I think she should get the moon. but then I am the grandmother so that is my job. no seriously I am going to get her a musical instrument.

LeFebvre Momma said...

All I have to say Shari ~ If its drums they stay at your house!

I really do like the idea of making the decision of what kinds of gifts (and how many) to give KayLynn BEFORE we go into the store. I think it helps us to be wise in the midst of the fun.

Deenie said...

I like the idea of an activity gift -so a coupon for the zoo,or a trip to the cupcake storewith mama etc

Julie said...

When the kids were really little, we didn't buy them much, because they got so many gifts from grandma and grandpa. As they have gotten older, and the grandparents have bought less (because they have more grandkids now), we buy them more than we used to. We really don't buy them much throughout the year (except for clothes), so Christmas is when we can get them some things they really want and need. We generally have a budget and spend the same amount on each child (less on Jackson so far, since he is so young and really doesn't need much).

We usually like to get them things related to a hobby, and lots of books, since they love to read. Imaginative toys are good, too. The boys loved Playmobil, but they really are outgrowing toys now.