Friday, November 19, 2010

Shutterfly Cards for Christmas!

I have decided to do real Christmas cards this year!!  I am going to be using Shutterfly.  Shutterfly has everything from holiday photo cards and Wall calendars, to personalized thank you cards and photo mugs. I’ve collected my three favorite Shutterfly holiday cards to share with you 

This is my favorite Christmas card for a family.  Its so classic, and yet you can see so many facets of a family – more than just one perfect photo of the family!

 I love how beautiful this one is - although it might be because those girls are so beautiful.  But I like the simplicity of the card and think that grandparents especially would enjoy getting this one from us!

We actually made this mug with a picture of KayLynn last year for one of her grandpas, and he really enjoyed it.  We got it in a timely manner and it looked great.  I was really impressed with their service.
This is the one that I am going to do for my family this year!

Although, I am going to use pictures of my family!

For a limited time, Shutterfly is offering bloggers an opportunity to get 50 free holiday photo cards of their own just by filling out this form and blogging about your favorite designs from their new holiday photo cards collection. Check it out, you know you want to!

4 comments: said...

Those are really cute!! I don't know how many you need, but just so you know: My Mac will make those same cards for free, if you want to. :)

LeFebvre Momma said...

But I will get them for free!!

LeFebvre Momma said...

And I would feel obligated to buy you some ink...

jbhinman said...

so going to do this!