Friday, November 12, 2010

My Little Conversationalist

I don't know where this kid gets it, but she is always talking!!  I love watching her little mind come alive and put things together.  a few of the recent conversations that I will enjoy reminding her of, are as follows...

Me:  I coughed.
KayLynn: Mom, you ok?
Me: Yep, thank you.
KayLynn:  Mom, you coughing, do you need coffee?
**After she was at granny's and told Granny the same thing, she (Granny) called me and explained to me that KayLynn must have thought that if you are coughing, you must need coughee!
KayLynn grabbed my face between her hands and said in a very serious tone, "LISTEN, we are going to the beach."  I turned my head and she grabbed my face in her hands and repeated herself.  When I laughed again she said.  "Mom, you still laughing, its time for a nap."
K called me on the phone (kinda a tradition when Max is home with her and I'm at work):
K: Mom, can I go to the park?
Me: K, you are going to have to ask daddy, momm's at work.
K: OK.  Daddy, can I go to the park?
Another phone coversation:
K:  Mom, is that my princess towel?
Me:  I don't know, I can't see it.
K: in exasperated voice Mom, its right there!
In the car on the way home:
K: I'm hungry, can I need some food?
Me:  Yep, we are gonna get some lunch as soon as we get home.
K:  How bout some chicken nuggets.
Me:  How about some carrots?
K: How bout french fries?
Me: How about we go home and you can have carrots and some meat?
K: How bout no carrots today?
Me: How about no lunch today?
K: How bout carrots and juice?
Also in the car:
K: Hey Mom! (said in a shouting voice)
Me: Yes KK
K: Its following us.
Me: Whats following us?
K: The moon, its coming to our house.  Can I carry it?
In the morning (Max has worked the previous day from 7AM-3:30 and then again at 11PM to 7:30AM.  It was about 9AM)
K:  Where's Daddy?
Me:  He's sleeping.
K: Can I go jumpon him?
On a walk:
Me: K what are you holding.
K: Its a rock...can I eat it?
Me:  No, but thank you for asking so politely.
Lady walking past laughing...


Haley said...

These are hilarious!!! I especially love the rock, the coffee, the lunch, and the laughing one. :)

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sharika roland said...

they used to put things like this in the readers digest. these are great lines