Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What do You think?

I have been thinking a lot about the holidays and ways to celebrate with my family.  I LOVE tradition.  I love doing activities that help me celebrate and get in the mood.  I love having things around reminding me about the 'reason for the season'.  When we got married, Max wasn't all that excited about holidays.  It was kinda hard for me because I love them (especially Christmas) so much.  I vowed to make it so special and fun that he and our child(ren) would love it as much as me.  It is kinda working.  Last year Max told me that he liked the holidays more now that he has his own family to celebrate with.  This year he actually asked if we could get a certain type of tree and is participating in our search for the 2010 ornament.

As an aside - I don't particularly like ornaments that have the year on them, but I love picking out a special ornament each year as a fmaily (and I write the year on it really small!)

We are trying to make traditions in our own home that will stick through our lives and it is making me very interested in what you are doing in your home to celebrate?

If you are interested I was reading this blog post which had lots of great ideas!  I also found this blog post that had a great idea for getting your kids (even young ones) involved in raising money for charity...


jbhinman said...

I always make an ornament. Great ideas!

Deenie said...

I think spreading out the holidays is fun for them - so get/make an advent calendar and have KayLynn do it with you