Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What do you think?

I never thought I would hear myself saying the following...

Mommy is proud of you for learning the body parts, but mommy does not need you to lift up her shirt and remind her whats up there...especially not in the store.

No, KayLynn you may not brush your hair with your toothbrush...not mine either.

I'm sorry, but no mommy will not kiss your toe, when you injured it while trying to use the potty as a step stool, with the lid up.

If you want juice and daddy is standing right next to you, do not come all the way into my bedroom where I am, and ask me to get it for you. Daddy knows how to pour juice too.

Just because it is small, round and bright does not mean its candy. Mommy's earbuds are NOT candy.

Saying, "oops" does not convince anyone that it was an accident.

Though I know it is hours of fun, you may not splash in your milk.

Believe it or not, I do not do pilates because I like to be treated like a jungle gym.

Strangers do not like it when you tickle the backs of their knees. Neither does mommy.

Rocks are not for eating, and no I don't want a bite.

Do not put pencils in your nose. Or peas. Or crayons. Or your finger.

When mommy is talking to someone do not say, "Bye bye. All done, bye bye." It's bad manners!

What have you caught yourself saying?


Erika said...

Haha, I love "Bye bye All Done, Bye bye."
Not much yet...but I bet they'll be VERY similar soon.

jbhinman said...

Here are a few of late:

The kitchen table is for eating not peeing on.

Please don't put cars or golf clubs in your underpants

Boogers aren't food and no they won't feel good in my belly.

I'm glad you tried to wipe by yourself but please ask for help.

A whole roll of tiolet paper is too much.

Plus many more.

sarah said...

yes, you must wear clothes outside and KEEP them on
no toys in church-even if you say Jesus want to play with them
no, you can't pee outside even if my flowers need watering
no God did not rip off girl's wee wees
oh there are many many more, but these are just from the past few weeks-believe me she is JUST getting started!

Tina said...

WOW the difference between boys and girls is amazing...

Tam said...

Haha, Sarah!

Tina--I happen to like it when strangers tickle the backs of my knees. But that's just me...

sharika roland said...

I would let her do all those things . and more.
NOw AI know the rules. wow so hard to enforce all those RULES>