Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our conversations these days...

Yesterday on the way home from the library:

K: Where going? Where's Daddy?
Me: Where is Daddy?
K: Daddy's at work.
Me: Nope, Daddy's at home.
K: Daddy's sleeping. With Beider (the dog)
Me: Yep, Daddy is taking a nap.
K: Going home?
Me: Yep, we are going home, who are we going to see?
K: Daddy and Beider.
Me: And?
K: Kitties. Floflo and Shhh (Silver). Momma, kitties are so cute.
Me: trying not to laugh Yep they are.

Notice: I say Yep a lot. Especially in the car because she talks soooo much.

Another conversation...

K: Where's Daddy?
Me: Daddy's at work.
K: Daddy's at work. Silly Daddy.

Apparently everything is cute. Last night when I handed her a new pair of pjs to put on, she said, "Mommy its so cute." In fact almost everything she did is "sooo cute" with a huge smile.

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