Thursday, May 6, 2010

So much to do, and really there is the time...

Well, I found the time to schedule KayLynn&Mommy time. Starting today I am getting up a half our earlier (after all my daughter is more important that sleep!) so that I can have my stuff (i.e. getting ready, packing lunches, picking up the house) done by the time that KayLynn awakens. This morning I sat with her while she ate breakfast of toast and soy milk and we 'talked' about the day and who she was going to see (she loves Wren!). Then we watched Elmo for about 20 minutes and got her dressed and we left. It is amazing the difference between yesterday and today. She was happy and awake for the day - she even had clothes other than her jammies on. As often as I can force myself we are going to do this - that way we get our KayLynn&Mommy time.

Saturday I am having a few women over as a celebration of Mother's Day. Before then I must: clean the bathroom and kitchen, mop the living room floors, wash the dog bed, bathe the dog and cats, iron the linens, wash the champagne flutes (for mimosas!) and weed the rose beds. Top that all off with having hours of work for my (second) job, playing with my daughter and still going to work and getting sleep; I have the feeling I am going to be a little busy. What do you have planned for the next few days/weekend??

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Haley said...

On Saturday I'll be gone all morning, getting my training to help a florist this summer. In the afternoon I need to make a dessert for Small Group, make a Mother's Day dessert, and make dinner. I also need to get the bathrooms cleaned and the house picked up as well. It sounds like you're plenty busy too!