Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Side Item

You may notice a new side item on my blog. I am intent about keeping up with my resolutions, so I am adding my personal resolutions tracker here. This way I can keep a constant record of how I am doing, and have the accountability of having to see you all.

1. At least 156 workouts this year, that's 3 a week, but I started out two weeks behind, so I will have to catch up. REWARD: Salt Scrub at the Spa
2. 365 days of Bible reading. REWARD: Knowledge and better relationship with my Saviour.
3. Weigh in and record weight every 2 weeks, keep track of goal. A pound a week is my goal. REWARD: New Clothes

The other resolutions are harder to track with numbers, but I will keep you updated.


Hilary Kvale said...

Good for you! I need to get as organized about getting in shape as you.

Haley Kovach said...

Good idea!