Thursday, January 7, 2010

I can still say, Happy New Year, right?!?

OK with all the Christmas stuff aside, Happy New Year to all!!

Max and I welcomed in the new year with a good night of sleep. We are so old! Since we were all sick (and some of us still are), it seemed like the right thing! Maybe next year we can have/attend a party!


FAMILY: 1. Read the Bible through in a year. Tam and James got us a new ESV Study Bible, and we plan to use that. 2. De-Clutter our home. 3. Get the plumbing done in the house.

KAYLYNN: 1. Potty Training. I figure we will see if she is ready for it sometime in the summer. 2. Contentment. KayLynn will be learning how to play by herself consistently. We have already started working on it.

PERSONAL: 1. Get back the healthy body I had when Max and I were dating. Not that this is new, I have been working pretty hard on this goal for the last two months. 2. Spend more time with girlfriends.

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Haley Kovach said...

Good resolutions! I wish you the best in keeping them. I'm trying to read the Bible in a year too. I hope to see you soon!