Tuesday, January 19, 2010

18 months and thriving

Our little munchkin had her 18 months old check-up appointment yesterday. She is 31.25 inches tall (50%) and 23.6 pounds (just under 50%). So my daughter is tall and thin - I will aspire to be more like her.

KayLynn likes her doctor because he plays with her and talks to her while he is checking her out - and he let her hold his stethescope. KayLynn didn't even cry during her shot (after I made the rude nurse stop manhandling her). She just watched the nurse stick her with a needle and then went back to her little breakfast bar that I had brought for the occasion. That was the first time we've had a negative experience with a nurse at our doctor's office - but next time I will be prepared.
The doc sayed that KayLynn is very healthy and very normal. However, he did descrbe her verbal skills as precocious and said he would not be surprised if she was a very early reader! Considering how much she loves her books, this would not surprise me.KayLynn brings such joy to Max and I that we feel truly blessed to be parents. She is sweet and cheerful and likes to please. She is saying new words everyday. The newest being "sorry", "use me" meaning excuse me, "I see you", "You welcome" and "Thank You Mama" this is said to eveyone! Also, favorite among her antics, is her Donald Duck impression - thanks Daddy. KayLynn can also name and point out the nose, eyes, ears, hands, mouth, belly and we are working on chin.


Diana said...

what a cutie

Haley said...

That little girl is so smart! I bet she'll be an early reader like the doctor said. I was a fairly early reader, so I asked mom if my speech was 'precocious.' Her immediate response: "No!"

Whatever. I can be precocious now, right? :D