Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's Thursday, and all's well!

So, after almost a year (or more) of trying I am going to try to write in the log once a week. Maybe if I get in the habit it won't be like pulling teeth! The kids and I are at Valerie's house watching her kids today. This is a fun day for us, but also exhausting! I can't imagine how mothers of more than two get anything done! My favorite part is seeing Dori and KayLynn play together, the good, the bad and the ugly! They are both oldest girls which means they take turns being the bossy ones. Dori doesn't have quite as much practice as KayLynn, but her little stubborn streak is a thrill to see. Today I built them a castle using a bright blue blanket, three chairs, four pipe cleaners and two rubber bands! They are really enjoying running in and around it which is fun to watch! Just a few seconds ago Logan woke prematurely from his nap and when I went in his hand was out of the swaddle. I put in his pacifier and he promptly took it out again and started crying...once I got is hand under control the pacifier stayed in and he is back asleep, hopefully for another hour! I love that boy, but his sleep is even more important than I remember KayLynns being. if he doesn't get his naps there is no getting him to sleep at night! Everyday catches us working on sleep, naps and night...I am thankful that The Lord has made me fall in love with this little boy as much as I have, otherwise I am not sure how well this would all be going! max and I are really enjoying our devotions and the time together each day, even when it is short it is lovely. I especially like the time that we are setting apart to pray for each other and our children. well, it seems the kids are hungry so I must go prepare a feast! Till next week!

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