Saturday, January 26, 2013

7 months old, my how the time flies!

It seems like these children grow in the blink of an is just no time in between monthly photos...I think I might have missed a month, but who knows, I will have to check later. Logan is 7 mons and doing well. pretty much same things just getting better at them. He loves to put everything in his mouth, which makes holding a drink or anything hot, kinda dangerous. He is settling into a fairly consistent daily schedule, although every time he gets sick it is disrupted! KayLynn never really got sick as an infant, so this is new territory for me. he is fairly sweet even when he feels bad, so that makes it easier! kayLynn and I visited what will be her new school come this fall and she can't wait to start. It is a homeschool coop and I think it is going to be a perfect fit for us. I can't believe how big she is getting. this was a busy week for us. we went to Seattle as a family, our favorite day trip(pictures below). We had so much fun just hanging out together! we watched Dori and Cameron and as usual, enjoyed our time with them. then we had Jacks second birthday party to attend and though it was during nap time, there were moments of joy, and once I go the babies home for their naps KayLynn was able to enjoy the rest of the party with Aunt Mandy and then spend the night at Grandma Kay's house! today the plan is to stay home because this week promises to be just as exciting! we have Max's birthday to celebrate,as well as some friends kids! ope you are all doing well!

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