Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm no idiot

When I was eight years old I went to get my ears pierced.  I let them do the first one and then declared that one was fine.  It hurt and I wasn't gonna do that again.  My mom had to make me do the second one, and I am glad that she did.

When I was eleven years old I steped on a broken beer bottle and had to get lots of stitches.  While they were cleaning my foot, I declared that I did not need it.  My foot, that is.  I told them to just cut it off because it hurt.  Once again my mom convinced me that I would really desire that foot later on in life, and I am glad.

When I was twenty-eight years old (yesterday) I had gum surgery on one side of my mouth.  It hurt.  I have decided that I don't need to do the other side.  I need my mom to convince me that I really don't want to lose half my teeth and it will be worth it to go through this again.

I figured I would share the good, the bad and the funny (there is some ugly - but you don't want to see the swelling!) of my gum surgery with you - don't worry, no pictures!

The Good: 
1.  I have a fear of eating anything, so I will probably lose some weight.

The Bad: 
1.  I have a fear of eating, so I am starving and I really should get more protein - last night I actually added an egg to my mashed potatos for protein.
2.  I can't exercise (except taking walks they said) for "several days"
3.  Did I mention that I am starving?

The Funny:
1.  You should hear me talk
2.  My jaw and tongue hurt so bad that I can't tell if where the actual trauma was hurts.  i am sure that once my tongue and jaw stop hurting, I will know.

I thought that the worst was over when they put in the stitches, or when the numbness wore off, but I was wrong.  When I brushed my teeth this morning I learned that is the worst part!

By the way, did I mention that I hate it when doctors say general statements like, "Don't over-do it".  What does that mean?  Can we be exact?  Should I make dinner and do the dishes?  SHould I get a wheelchair?  Should I take naps?  Can you give me a list of do's and don'ts??

Anyway, thats all for now.  I just had to write because it hurts to talk still.


Alicia said...

oh, so sorry! I had my wisdom teeth out last year, and it was miserable. I can't imagine a procedure on my gums.

hopefully you are at least being a little pampered!

Erika said...

I love that you're starving but too scared to eat. It's like right after you have the flu, or when you're pregnant and you could eat the whole kitchen but you'd just throw it up.
Sad you have to do it in two sessions! Lame sauce.

Leanne said...

Ohh. My sister has been through gum surgery, and though I only watched from the other side, I know it was no fun. So sorry you hurt. I once had a toenail removed and that was more painful then any of my three labor experiences. The thought still makes me cringe. I imagine what you are going through to be something like that pain, which makes me all the more sorry you are hurting. Hope you can eat again soon.

Julie said...

I'm sorry tina! I hope you start feeling better soon.

Grandma T said...

This is Mom here to explain why you need the other side done, and to tell you you ARE doing it young lady because you do not want to loose one tooth you do not have to. TRUST ME. I love you sooo much honey and my prayers are with you. It is much harder to do something a second time once you know the score. But you are tough and strong and you can do it