Monday, March 21, 2011

Its been a while...I know

Time flies...thats for sure.  I have lots to update (mostly because I want the record - not because I think you are dyeing for pictures of my adorable kid!)...but first let me start with some recent KayLynn~isms.

~She no longer says Bitar, now its just a plain old guitar!!

~Yesterday I teased her and said, "ok its time for nap - go to bed".  And she did.  She pulled her little purple chair up to her light, turned it off and went to bed.  And if that isn't horrible enough that night she informed me that she could go to bed by herself.  Anyone else know how horrible this feels?  My not-so-little-girl is now my big girl.

~This weekend:
K: Before I was in your tummy I got borned at the hop-ital (said with a little bounce in your voice while saying the hop part!), and then I got borned again!  I was baby Jack.
Me: No, you were baby KayLynn
K: Yep I was baby Jack and Aunt Mandy hold me in the hop-ital.  I cried.  But its ok, because babys just cry.

We had the Krulish girls over and had quite the weekend... 
 It was cold outside but I could only find 2 pairs of gloves, so Wren wore some socks!

sleepover in the living room complete with snacks and movies!

Pictures to come of this weekends drive and picnic!

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Grandma T said...

what a great time,K's old enough to have sleepovers ,and so it begins. You are right, K is no longer a baby,she is a beautiful little girl. They grow sooooo fast don't they ?