Monday, March 28, 2011

Merry Christmas!

OK, so maybe that's exaggerating a little bit, but boy the year goes quickly.  I feel like January thru March are so nice and relaxing, but then you blink and the year is gone.  April weekends are already full, May's are half-way there and we have 2 big things in June and July already planned.  Crazy...

A funny story.  Yesterday we went to church with my parents and afterwards went to lunch.  They brough along a man they had met at church and now give rides to occasionally.  Nice guy.  He played with KayLynn across the table for a long time.  Then...  KayLynn had crawled under the table to pick up everything that she had dropped.  John grabbed her foot trying to tease her and she lost it.  Bawling and when Tam picked her up and asked her what was wrong she sobbed (loud enough for many to hear) that he was trying to steal her!  So, daddy and I had to explain that because we were there, she was safe and that we would not let anyone steal her!  And that John, poor guy, was just trying to play with her.

She did get over it and was pretty sad to leave him behind that afternoon!  My kid...hilarious!

And, on a side note, aren't my new shoes cute?

 Not as cute as my kid, I know, but cute!

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