Monday, November 23, 2009

My Week of Thanksgiving: MONDAY

Who says Thanksgiving should only be one day? Well, I don't agree - so here is my week of Thanksgivings...

The little things around the house that prove there is a little one in the house.

Mrs Potato head protecting the VCR:
Cameras, sitting around on the couch:
Baby Einstein in the cupboard

These are the things that (even when she is asleep and the house is clean), remind of what an integral part of our lives she is.

**Idea came from quesara


Andrea Kristeen said...

this is awesome and just what i needed today. what's better than sippy cups in the towel drawer?!

Haley Kovach said...

Was that LORD OF THE RINGS in the stack of movies?!? Sorry. I'm on a LoTR craze. Anyway. I'm glad you're celebrating Thanksgiving all week long. It's a good idea. :) I'm thankful for, at the moment... orchestra.

Tina said...

Of course LoTR. It is our favorite set of movies.