Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well, my little munchkin is everywhere. Yesterday when I came home, she was standing at the front door saying "Mama, Mama"! She and daddy had been playing on the floor in our room with the phone from her kitchen set, and putting bowls on their heads, sound like fun?!? She still has a bit of a Frankenstein walk (you know both hands out to stabilize herself) but it doesn't seem to slow her down.

Speaking of keeping her still...We had her one-year appointment last week (about a month late) and the doctor said she was 50% on everything. The only time in ones life when 50% is considered good. It was a good appointment, however, they kept us waiting...and waiting...and waiting. An hour and 20 minutes. They NEVER keep us waiting. Well, as those of you who have/had one year olds, can probably imagine, it wasn't so bad for the first half hour when we were in the waiting room. There were lots of toys and books and she could walk everywhere. But then they let us go sit in the tiny room with lots to tear, pull out of drawers and disorganize. I am sure I don't have to describe to you how much KayLynn loved that room. When I decided it was time for her to sit on my lap, she disagreed so vehemently that I needed to give her a reminder on her leg. Once she remembered that her job was to be obedient the appointment went much better. And after the shots the mean doctor gave her, she loved me all the more.

All that beside, she is healthy and happy and no one called CPS on me for reminding my daughter in public, so all is good.

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