Friday, September 4, 2009

The batroom won't clean itself

Stupid bathroom!!

The weekends (Friday night and Saturday) are usually my purge days. I do all the stuff that I would be doing little by little each day during the week if I got to ever be home and awake for more than an hour. I usually write out some hainously long list of "to-dos" and get about half done. This weekend, I am giving myself a goal of 10 things to get done.

1. Going to take the "Shine your sink challenge" from my friend Kjerste

2. Bleach my tub, sink and toilet in the bathroom

3. Finish the laundry (as much as any house with children can)

4. Sweep and dust the house

5. Mop the kitchen and bathroom

6. Clean out the fridge

7. Play with KayLynn

8. Finally finish Thank-yous for K's bday party! Ugh, I am horrible.

9. Post pictures of my adorable daughter online, since lately all I've has is words.

10. Drink some wine and give myself a pedicure.

These chores must all be completed with child under-foot and my father and step-mom coming over around 3 saturday and staying till way too late - again! However, if I get all my list done then I am free to enjoy my dad (et al) on Saturday evening, lunch on Sunday afternoon with the Realicas, Sunday evening with Max. Monday I can do whatever I want since the work will be done and Max will be at work - boohoo. :(

What are your plans this weekend?


Leanne said...

My weekend plans look much like yours. If it is really going to rain as much as they are saying, I may just get down to the basement for some much needed attention too. Oh ya, and we may go car shopping, in the rain, but without the boys, so it's a date.

Tina said...

We married folk with children have such unique dates! Well, good luck on the cleaning!

Haley Kovach said...

Saturday and Sunday I'll be at Soap Lake. Monday (which counts since it's Labor day!) I'll clean two of the bathrooms, clean and organize my bedroom and the schoolroom, get out my fall clothes, get out Jamie's fall clothes, generally tidy up the downstairs, do the last math lesson in Algebra book, do Latin homework... Tuesday is the first day of school so everything has to be clean Monday!! Not of course that it will stay that way... I usually clean house on Saturday and it looks about the same it did before on Sunday...

Tina said...

WOW - you are gonna be a busy girl! Turn up the music and have a blast.

Haley Kovach said...

I will :) It's actually fun getting everything clean and organized. But music really does help a lot too. :)

Hilary Kvale said...

I like how you put fun things on your list too! Way to be productive and enjoy your day! I always put all work on my list and then at the end of the day I'm tired and frustrated cause I worked all day, no play, and I didn't finish the list!

Ali Tong said...

Enjoying time with my husband! We both get Labor Day off (working for Doctor's is great!) and while he will most likely have to work on a paper all of Monday I'll most likely work on my quilt!