Thursday, September 3, 2009


For those of you with weak stomachs - Go Back, you don’t want to read this.

I am not kidding, its horrible, I still feel sick thinking of it…

OK, I warned you.

Last night KayLynn and I had another teaching moment. I have realised that lately she has taken to shrieking (like the shrieking eels!) to get what she wants. However, it has been so subtle that I kept attributing the behaviour to something else. She’s hungry, tired, in pain… Last night I realized that it was in fact a tantrum, and that even if any of the above were true, a tantrum is not the way to handle it. So, last night was the first installment of teaching my daughter that she can control herself and that tantrums will not be acceptable.

KayLynn started shrieking. When I realized that it could go on for some time I safely put her in her room with the child gate so that she could cry it out by herself (of course, the entire neigborhood could still hear her) and I called my mommy. While I got the encouragement I needed from Tam to stay strong and some advice, KayLynn screamed so hard that she made herself throw up. I - who hate vomit - went to clean it up. I then went back to talking to Tam and while she was telling me to wait until she calmed and then run to her and praise her, KayLynn calmed down. I quickly put down the phone and ran to her, grabbed her and told her how happy I was, and how proud I was… Friends, let me tell you ... she, the wall, the floor, the baby gate - EVERYTHING - was covered in vomit. Covered. KayLynn was actually slipery. Yet I picked her up and held her to me and praised her, even though at the same time I was revolted and wanted to vomit myself.

My dear friends, what I wanted to do was sell the house and move into a new one, but since that wouldn’t happen fast enough I gave KayLynn a bath. After she was clean and dry, I had to clean the wall, the floor and the baby gate. Then I did laundry. I cannot even describe how much I hated that. It was worse than child birth - I swear! I have the world’s best gag refex, and it was so hard.

OK I am done whining, feel free to laugh at me! And I hear that I used to do the same thing when I was a baby so I guess this is payback!


Haley Kovach said...

Ooh, I sympathize with you!

jbhinman said...


Erika said...

That is gross, but I think that Ali might have you beat on gag reflex. Once Heidi got car sick as a little baby (which she did often) and threw up in her car seat, Mom had to be somewhere so she told Ali to clean her up, well instead of helping clean it up Ali threw up all over Heidi and doubled the mess. :)
Good work on sticking to your guns though, I'm pretty sure that would just make me more frustrated.