Friday, November 14, 2008

Yesterday she was born - Tomorrow she will be married!

KayLynn is now big enough to sit in her high chair - and since she is always wanting to sit up, we leave her in it when we clean the house! She really likes being able to look around and see everything that is going on.

Speaking of sitting up, last night Max and I went to Red Robin. This is the first time that she has watched us eat and seemed interested in it. So, we gave her a french fry to gum (she has no teeth, so that is pretty much all she can do). She really went to work on it. Of course, Max was scared because he thought she was going to choke, so he made me stop. So, though I don't have a picture (because I am a horrible mom!), her first real food was french fry.

Aunt Mandy just can't help but buy things for KayLynn. This weekend she got a Christmas hat.

She loves the spotlight!! Oh yes, KayLynn can be screaming, but when she sees the red light of the camera(for red eye), flash on her face, she laughs. I am not the only one to see this, Max and Granny Tam have now both seen it. So the photos below were supposed to be showing how upset she got the other night when we made her have belly time, however...

By the way this entire post has been done one-handed since the aforementioned child is sleeping in my arms!


sarah said...

LOVE the hat!! What a cutie.
They do grow so fast. Jack hasn't sat in his high chair, but he is loving his bumbo seat.

jbhinman said...

What cute pictures!