Sunday, November 23, 2008

OK, so it took me a while to get back to posting. Last week was a really hard week for us int he LeFebvre household. I was complaining in my heart about what else the Lord could do to us. I was also saying that it seems like every time we get a handle on things, the Lord says, "Oh yeah..." and then yet another thing goes wrong. These days it seems like it always affects the pocket book! But then Aunt Tam told me that I should be thankful that though it seems to happen all at once, the Lord does wait until we can financially handle each thing. And that is something to be happy about. In fact, I have to say, that through all the hard things that happened this last week, I became more in love with my husband. He was so patient, taking each thing in turn. He was sweet to me, and playful with KayLynn. I could not have asked for a better man in my life. So, thank you honey!!

KayLynn is growing by leaps and bounds lately and I cannot believe that she is so big. I will share some photos at the end of this blog.

Kaeley, Tristan, KayLynn and I went to the Picture People on Thursday to get pictures of the kids. Oh my they are cute! I am so thankful for the free 8x10s they keep sending me. I got some pictures of the betrothed together - and it was perfect. Tristan was wearing all blue and KayLynn all pink!! We had fun tegether, although Tristan did show Kaeley that it does not matter how sweet and cue they are when no one is looking. They will always be the opposite when people are watching you. Actually KayLynn proved this very thing as wel. She was talking and smiling at the camera girl (Melissa) and then as soon as she tried to take a picture would fuss! Aren't our children amazing picures of ourselves!!

Yeah I found my finger!

Daddy is sooo comfortable.

Enjoying the Washington rain with Mommy.

Rice Cereal...No!


Baby KayLynn with the mean lady who gave her shots!!!

The lovebirds (cause parents always get what they want, right?!?!)

Tristan, isn't he cute? Just two weeks old.

Kaeley and Tristan


sarah said...

What a doll!! She and jackers are about the same size. Tuesday he had his appointment. He is 15 pounds and 27 inches. They just grow so fast!!

sarah said...

Hey Tina,
yes, you can bring Kaylynn-no need for babysitters with all the auties that will be there!!:)