Friday, October 31, 2008

Life seems to be a quick succession of busy nothings?

What do you think, Is Jane Austin correct?

Homework. Work. Sleep. Baby. Husband. Home. Dogs. Maybe about a few of those things, but I am pretty sure that husband and baby are not busy nothings!! Other than that, I think she is correct. Amongst the busy nothingness of life, Max and I have been trying to enjoy the little time that we spend together in the evenings before we both fall asleep each night.

Of course when Max is not home, KayLynn and I do things, like switching out her 0-3 month clothes with the 3-6 month sizes!! Here she is helping me.

The other afternoon when I got off work we took the dogs and the baby to the park. The dogs love getting out and being able to run around. KayLynn had fun too. We got her all wrapped up – hooded sweatshirt and all!

Of course, sometimes we just hang out around the house!

Since Max and I have known each other we have accepted the fact that I LOVE the holidays and he could take them or leave them. In fact, I have been looking forward to KayLynn growing up so that I can have someone to be excited with each year. BUT, the other day Max told me that he is beginning to be really excited about the holidays. He asked me if there was any music to get us in the mood! I couldn’t really think of and Halloween music, but we did make cider (Aunt Tam’s recipe!) and carve our first pumpkin as a married couple. KayLynn sat in her swing and watched. The dogs even helped by eating the inside of the pumpkin – I wasn’t totally excited about that as I wanted to cook the seeds, but oh well! We all had fun. Max tried to carve the face of a screaming baby into the pumpkin! I think it turned out ok, and even the dogs helped!

Well, we have to get ready to go to our halloween party! Pictures of our costumes whould be up this weekend!

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A fun collection of family photos!!